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Shangri-La Contemporary Arts Foundation has art in the following locations:

Decorative Center of Houston
5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 5029 Houston, Texas 77056
Tel: 713-412-2971

Abrahams Furnishings
The Houston Design Center 7026 Old Katy Rd., Ste. 166
Tel: 713-622-3226

Affaire d’art
2227 Post Office Street, Suite B, Galveston TX 77550
Tel: 303-547-2814

Atul Vir




Shangri-La Art Gallery

Showcases Contemporary Art from        the East
• Promotes local artists
• Commissions art for special projects

Shangri-La Contemporary Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes that art can build bridges between communities and foster peace and harmony. We support young and local artists, hold events that seek a deeper meaning expressed within the arts, and support other organizations
promoting the arts.

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